Mitra co-partners with our clients

  • To find systemic, sustainable people performance solutions that align to business needs and strategy.
  • Our range of complementary resilience building programmes and processes are designed to increase and sustain well-being and resilience in leaders and teams.
  • We are the go to consulting partner for leaders or teams going through restructuring, downsizing or any major change.
  • We incorporate time-tested methodology, models, and assessments into our processes, including our own Leader and Team Assessment, The Enneagram Style Indicator, used over many years in a wide variety of cultures.
  • Our Programmes and Processes are well-researched, hands-on and provide easy-to-use techniques and practices. 

Our Integral Framework (IF)

  • Presents a map for resolving organisational challenges by assessing four key elements to find work-life balance.
  • Based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, our IF has been adapted and fine-tuned for Organisational, Leader and Team Development.
  • We use the IF in all our services to assess and address persistent people performance headaches.

Mitra’s Intellectual Property is extensive

We offer:

  • Synthesised Organisational Development Models and Methodology building people performance and resilience
  • Our unique customised Integral Framework
  • Our online Enneagram Style Indicator (ESI), a Leader and Team Profiling Assessment aimed at building leader and team capability and resilience
  • Our tailored Strategy and Procurement Framework
  • SETA Assessment and Accreditation Services
  • SETA Courses
  • Many years of knowledge and experience to integrate all the above into one coherent development strategy

    Seta Accreditation

    We offer the following:

    • Customised SETA-approved Leader and Team Development Programmes
    • SETA Course Content Development and Design
    • A range of SETA Accredited Programmes to purchase
    • Train-the-trainer Programmes for in-house use of our programmes
    • Existing programmes to incorporate into Learnerships

    Seta Courses

    • Do you need a specific SETA approved OD Programme for your organisation?

    BBBEE Advantages for your company

    • We have a 125% Procurement Rating.
    • Organisations can claim 125c for every 100c spent with Mitra.
    • Organisations can get additional benefits around Supplier or Enterprise Development.
    • Organisations can benefit from SARS Section 12H Tax incentives.
    • A portion of an organisation’s monthly Skills Development Levy can be reclaimed when training with Mitra.
    • A portion of an organisation’s Mandatory Grant allocation can be reclaimed when training with Mitra.
    • An organisation’s BBBEE scorecard will increase when using Mitra for Enterprise or Supplier Development Programmes.

    What is Organisational Effectiveness?

    • Organisational Effectiveness has been attained when performance targets are consistently reached.
    • Organisational Effectiveness (OE) is achieved when Organisational Development (OD) strategies work.
    • Thus OD methods are employed to increase OE.
    • People performance enhancement is a key reason for implementing OD tools and methods.
    • OD assesses and addresses the following:
        • Beliefs, attitudes, values, culture and the structure of an organisation
        • The ability to adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

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