This unique programme boosts understanding of self and others in leaders and teams, while developing the skill to self-correct and self-generate constructive leadership styles.

What is the Enneagram?

  • A dynamic system which describes human behaviour.
  • A framework for understanding yourself, colleagues and the “personality mix” of your leaders, teams and organisation.
  • It describes nine styles, each with its own strengths and challenges.
  • It provides deep insight into the underlying beliefs, attitudes and values driving behaviour.
  • It builds the capacity in leaders and teams to adapt more effective styles.
  • It positively impacts relationships, leadership and teamwork, while reducing conflict and encouraging communication.

Who will benefit:

  • Middle, Senior Leadership to Top Executive Teams


As a Team you will have:

  • A deep understanding of each team members preferred leadership style and how it impacts others.
  • Comprehensive insight into each other’s leadership styles with its strengths and challenges.
  • Awareness of repeated ineffective patterns in leadership styles or strategies and how to constructively work with them.
  • The ability to self-correct and self-create learning for continual sustainable performance.
  • Enhanced cohesive team work, interpersonal relations, as well as understanding and tolerance of self and others.
  • Greater resilience and adaptability as a team.


The programme is delivered in 3 blocks (2 day’s each) spread over 4 months.

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