Have you ever been on a journey you did not really want to go on?  Did you override your concerns just in case this was the way to go?

On a hot Sunday afternoon a family set off to the small town of Abilene. By the time they arrived everyone was hot and bothered. No one knew whose idea it was in the first place.

  • This is called the Abilene Paradox and illustrates how senior teams often struggle to manage expectations setting them on a road where no one would otherwise have gone.
  • Our Abilene Paradox Workshop provides clear guidance in how to reach authentic, sound agreements in the best interest of team and the organisation.

Course Overview:

Focus areas:

  • Identify instances where leaders have gone on an Abilene trip.
  • Learn practical techniques and practices to manage expectations.
  • Build capability in managing conflict and lack of agreement.
  • Build capability in how to reach authentic agreements.
  • Reframe overall objectives for the greater good of the organization.

Who could benefit:

  • Board of Directors
  • Senior Teams


Your team will be able to:

  • Gain awareness into when they embark on an Abilene trip.
  • Stop the car and regroup.
  • Have straight conversations about expectations.
  • Manage conflict.
  • Manage agreement.
  • Reach authentic agreements for optimum performance achievement.

Structure:  1 day session

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