Mitra’s popular Team Coaching Programme for teams going through major change, can either be used as an extension of the Team Effectiveness Process or as a stand-alone process.

  • Our Internal Framework, assessments, as well as appropriate methodology are blended into a tailormade process.
  • Overall, the Team Coaching Process enhances each team members’ strengths, while building the core capabilities and resilience of the team as a whole.

Focus areas can include the need for:

  • Improved people performance
  • Increased resilience
  • Developing a common purpose
  • Developing a climate of trust
  • Adapting as a leader to a new team or vice versa
  • Role clarity
  • The ability to bounce back from setbacks or manage ongoing challenges
  • Adapting to organisational change
  • The ability to work through conflict
  • Improving interpersonal relationships

Our process ensures:

  • A shift in the team’s personal and collective mindset.
  • A shift in personal and collective behaviour.
  • An enhanced ability to find solutions for systemic performance issues.
  • A team culture of trust, authentic conversations and increased collaboration to reach common goals.
  • Stronger team resilience.

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