Tailored to address a wide variety of people performance issues

Our Flagship Programmes are all experientially based offering practical tools, techniques and practices for increased and sustainable people performance, resilience and well-being.

The Thrive Programme

The Thrive Programme presents a practical support process for leaders and teams experiencing severe pressure in and around the work place.

Employee Engagement Programme

Using our Integral Framework, we assess four elements that could hamper “Head, Heart and Hands” employee engagement.

Diversity Management Programme

Our Diversity Management Programme fosters a culture of learning and respect by creating a deep understanding of each other’s culture and identity.

Authentic Conversations Workshop

This workshop encourages constructive ways of discussing difficult issues by instilling practical, easy-to-use speech styles.

Change Management Programme

This programme is a must for companies going through major change. We co-partner with leaders to enhance the necessary capacity to manage change.

OD Practitioner’s Workshop

Our comprehensive programme puts theory into practice to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a confident, credible and capable Organisational Development Practitioner.

Enneagram Application Programmes

You have arrived with Mitra’s offer of a variety of in-house Enneagram Application Programmes for internal use in your organisation. These programmes will pave the way for positive leadership choices in challenging organisational contexts. 

The Abilene Paradox Workshop

Have you ever gone to Abilene? Find out how easily that can happen.

Competency Recruitment Interviewing

Our Competency Recruitment Interviewing Workshop will enable you to recruit the right mix of people for the key teams in your organisation.

Leaders to Mentor Workshop

This workshop equips leaders with the skill to effectively engage with and mentor their employees to enhance people performance.

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