Our Enneagram Style Indicator (ESI) online assessment serves as a core diagnostic in Organisational Development, Leader and Team Coaching, as well as any Employee Development Initiatives. It is well-suited for in-house use by organisations, adding considerable value to people performance strategies.

Our reports are reasonably priced in order to be accessible to executive coaches and facilitators from micro consultancies, who consult in the corporate field.

What is the ESI?

  • It provides a quick map to understand yourself, others and your clients.
  • The practical, user-friendly reports are streamlined for leaders and teams.
  • Leaders and teams gain in-depth insight into their preferred leadership style and the assumptions, values and belief structures driving their approach.
  • Leaders become self-aware, and are able to self-correct and self-generate more positive approaches.
  • Leaders become adept at adapting their style according to what the situation requires.

What is the Enneagram?

  • A dynamic system which describes human behaviour.
  • A framework for understanding yourself, colleagues and the culture mix of your organisation.
  • It describes nine leadership styles, each with its own strengths and challenges.
  • It provides deep insight into the underlying beliefs, attitudes and values driving behaviour.
  • It builds the capacity in leaders and teams to adapt more effective styles.
  • It positively impacts relationships, leadership and teamwork, while reducing conflict and encouraging communication.

Who could benefit:

  • In-house HR Practitioners
  • In-house Coaches, Leader and Team Facilitators and OD Practitioners
  • External Coaches, Leader and Team Facilitators and OD Practitioners
  • Management Consultants
  • Management Schools


Leaders and Teams will:

  • Gain profound insight into their own strengths and challenges.
  • Get immediate deep insight into their beliefs, values, attitudes, what drives your behaviour, as well as your developmental paths.
  • Learn ways in which to self-correct & self-generate learning.
  • Use developmental suggestions in reports.
  • Engage in or facilitate challenging team conversations more productively.
  • Become aware of their impact as a leader on the system.

Where it is in use:

    • The ESI has been used in corporates throughout Africa, the UK, Europe, Australiasia, The Middle East and the USA, and has proven to be culturally unbiased.

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