Our OD Practitioner Programme will enable you to build a wide skill set as an OD Practitioner.

Course overview

The programme provides:

  • An in-depth and foundational understanding of the principles of organisational development.
  • A process of self-discovery in which you will learn to identify your unique traits, strengths and developmental areas.
  • Use of practical OD tools, techniques and resources.
  • We make use of questionnaires and supporting resources, which you can use again within your own organisation.

Who could benefit

  • HR specialists/practitioners.
  • Current organisational development practitioners.
  • Senior managers as well as business executives wanting to develope skills in OD.
  • Students in the fields of Industrial Psychology or Human Resources.
  • Coaching consultants who wish to improve their organisational development skills to guide others.


You will be able to:

  • Design an OD intervention that supports the fast changing nature of the new world of work.
  • Understand and apply systems thinking.
  • Use tools, techniques and resources to implement effective OD processes.
  • Effectively design and facilitate workshops.
  • Understand and apply the Action Research Model.
  • Apply different organisational development and effectiveness models.
  • Effectively contracting with clients.
  • Apply micro skills in engaging with people.
  • Ensure ethical OD practices.
  • Apply OD and change management theory.
  • Provide effective feedback.
  • Shift from a transactional model to a transformational model supporting people effectiveness.


    Five interactive modules (3 days each), distributed over a four month period to equip Organisational Development and Human Resources practitioners with the skills and knowledge to be a confident Organisational Development Practitioners.

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