At Mitra we assist Strategy and Procurement Functions to:

  • Move from an operational focus to a strategic business focus.
  • Draft a solid financial plan to manage budget, workflow and productivity in line with company objectives.
  • Create efficiencies, minimising risk, and ensuring sustainable value.
  • Implement a customised process specific to your needs for Business, Talent and/or Process Management.

Who could benefit:

This program is ideal for:

  • Heads of Procurement; Procurement Directors
  • Heads of Finance who want a better understanding of Procurement;
  • Supply Chain Managers and Directors.


The Procurement team will be proficient in understanding:

  • Business Management:
  • Procurement functions in three distinct areas i.e. Operational; Transactional and Strategic
  • Procurement Operations plan for the fiscal.
  • Talent Management:
  • Development of resource specific requirements.
  • A full succession and development plans for team members.
  • Process Management :
    • Holistic governance plan and processes to mitigate risk

The team will receive:

  • A procurement policy and process document
  • Supplier Management Portfolio including:
    • How to measure supplier performance
    • How to stay abreast with innovation.

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