Our Team Effectiveness Process (TEP) has been designed to increase team capabilities and resilience.

TEP exists out of three phases:

Team Performance Analysis (Phase 1)

When evaluating Team Effectiveness the following areas are being assessed:

  • Team Context (Ideal: A culture that supports a shared mission and vision.)
  • Team Structure (Ideal: An effective, motivated group culture of clear goals, defined roles and collective group norms.)
  • Team Process (Ideal: The ability to function optimally as a result of the two above areas supporting high performance.

Using our Integral Framework, issues preventing teams from optimum functioning are assessed.

The team will attain:

  • Clarity in understanding specific performance issues impacting the team.
  • A better understand of the performance of your team, the team’s dynamic and your impact on the team.
  • Greater alignment on what impacts performance in the team.
  • An understanding and agreement on priority issues.

Team Solution Report (Phase 2)

A comprehensive Team Solution Report is presented on:

  • Current performance
  • Capacities
  • Vision
  • Sub-culture
  • Organisational context

Team Facilitation Process (Phase 3)

The focus is on:

  • Designing a customised process based on the Team Solution Report.
  • Facilitating a team process based on the issues identified in Phase 1 and presented in Phase 2.
  • Facilitating the team’s development journey to becoming a high-performance team.
  • Providing the team with a conflict resolution process that enables the team to focus on its task and goals.
  • Enabling the team to be more functional despite high stress levels.
  • Instilling practical techniques and practices to build resilience.
  • Our Team Coaching Process ensures sustained capabilities and resilience built during the Team Facilitation Process.

Outcomes of the TEP Process:

The Team will become proficient in:

  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict Management
  • Feedback skills
  • Communication
  • Robust and authentic conversations
  • Boundary Management
  • Stress Reduction


Services or products can meet or exceed performance standards.


The Team will become more resilient and display an enhanced ability to work together.


Team members experience consistent growth and development, while remaining resilient under high pressure.

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