COVID sustenance: Your resilience lies in your core Strengths

At any given moment, we are strongly influenced by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It may be more accurate to say we ARE these three aspects, all the time.  Our actions are observable.  Our thoughts are knowable.  Our emotions are expressible.  But, for most of us, none of these are always that comprehensible.  Not within ourselves, and even more so, not within others.


When Burnout becomes the Elephant in the Office

by Thérèse Fensham

When birds become ill, they try to stay upright as long as possible. Should they show any signs of flopping down, they become immediate prey to opportunistic vultures. Though there do not seem to be any cannibalistic line managers in the corporate field, most employees are hesitant to admit to prolonged ill health, chronic lack of motivation, or fatigue.

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