Our Organisational Culture Process assesses and integrates diverse cultures and identities, especially in times of major change.

Our Organisational Culture Process provides:

  • A thorough culture survey
  • An Integrated Organisational Effectiveness Plan
  • Support to implement such a plan

    Four critical focus areas are addressed via our Integral Framework:

    • The Individual
    • The Team
    • The Organisation
    • The effect of External Influences on the organisation

    Our customised Processes:

    High Performance Analysis:

    Questionnaires, interviews and observations are used to determine areas needing OD intervention.

    The aim of this diagnostic process is to:

    • Help better understand the performance of your function, department, SBU or company.
    • Develop focused customised interventions for improving the performance of your “business” and the people that work in it.

    The Process provides an integrated view of the factors influencing performance including:

    • Diverse cultural and identity beliefs and values
    • Current people performance
    • Capacities
    • Vision and mission

    People Strategy Formulation and Translation:

    This process focuses on the following:

    • Assisting companies to effectively formulate a vision, mission and integrated strategy.
    • Translating the strategy into clear goals and objectives, which in turn is linked to the performance goals of each employee.
    • This is supported by an effective talent and performance management process.

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