Our Competency Recruitment Interviewing Workshop will enable you to source candidates with the most appropriate competencies and cultural fit for your team or organisation.

Course Overview:

The workshop offers:

  • Highly interactive experiential skills based training.
  • Insight into your own interview style, its strengths and limitations.
  • Insight into putting a competency interviewing guide together specific to job competencies.
  • A step-by-step guide of to conduct a competency based interview.
  • How to recruit the right personality fit for the key teams in your organization.
  • How to recruit candidates aligned to your corporate culture and strategy.

Who could benefit:

  • Human Resource Practitioners on all levels of an organisation.
  • Line managers, team leaders and supervisors from top to middle management.


You will be able to:

  • Design and implement a competency style interviewing process.
  • Prepare interview guides with competencies for any position and level in your organisation.
  • Confidently conduct structured and fair recruitment interviews based on specific competencies.
  • Gain awareness into how your interviewing style could impact your assessment ability.
  • Enhance your interviewing abilities.
  • Assess applicants by evaluating their specific abilities in particular areas of competence.
  • Conduct an overall evaluation of applicants’ competency levels.
  • Matching applicants to the values, strategy and culture of your organisation.
  • Select applicants who are aligned to the key team you are recruiting for.
  • Be familiar with the practical implications of current employment legislation.

Long-term results:

  • Experience a significant improvement in the quality of recruitment decisions.
  • New employees who are well-aligned to their job, teams and the organisation.
  • Higher productivity as a result of loyal, committed team players.
  • Enhanced talent retention strategies.
  • Enhanced performance management.
  • Alignment of your recruitment process to current employment legislation.


A two-day workshop during which participants, with guidance, prepare & conduct practice interviews, make simulated hiring decisions, and receive detailed individual feedback.

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