Our leader coaching occurs one-on-one in a highly individualised and personalised relationship. Leaders learn how to identify and address their own key issues. 

The process is designed to:

  • Be an objective, confidential sounding board for leaders dealing with complex issues.
  • Build leaders’ ability to access different leadership styles when required.
  • Prepare leaders for new or challenging positions, organisational roles, as well as career advancement.
  • Prepare leaders to lead complex or fledgling teams.
  • Equip leaders to deal with teams experiencing massive internal change.
  • Help leaders understand their teams, the different dynamics, and how to unlock capabilities.
  • Assist leaders to have difficult conversations, identify and negate blind spots in relationships.
  • Help leaders enhance levels of personal resilience, and the capacity to live creatively with uncertainty.
  • Expand leaders’ understanding of culture complexities within organisations, and how to position themselves to achieve objectives.
  • Assist with management of multi-stakeholder relationships to achieve common objectives.

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